Bruxism Grinding Appliances

Do you wake with a sore jaw? Are headaches and earaches frequent problems for you? Do you experience face, neck and shoulder paint? Is your sleep frequently disturbed? You may have a condition called bruxism. At Vitality Oral Health, we’re prepared to help you protect your teeth from the damage caused by bruxism.

What is bruxism?

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is a stress-related condition in which you grind, gnash and/or clench your teeth during sleep, causing your teeth to wear against each other for hours at a time. It’s often related to other sleep disorders (snoring, sleep apnea) and, for some people, can lead to jaw disorders, headaches and damaged teeth. Since it’s common to be unaware that you grind your teeth in sleep, it’s important to seek regular dental care. A dentist will recognize the signs and symptoms of bruxism and know how to assist you in avoiding damage to your teeth.

What causes teeth grinding?

Bruxism is often linked to:

How is bruxism treated?

If it’s determined that you grind your teeth, we may recommend the use of a mouth guard. This appliance is a custom-fabricated device that separates your teeth with a layer of plastic. It’s worn while sleeping so the guard absorbs the force of the grinding, preventing wear and tear on your teeth. The cushioning provided by the device also helps in preventing face and jaw pain.

What are the benefits of a bruxism appliance/night guard?

The night guard we recommend and have fabricated for you offers many advantages.

At Vitality Oral Health, we help protect your teeth from grinding using custom-made night guards that comfortably create a barrier between your teeth. If you’re concerned that you may have bruxism, contact us for an appointment. We aim to provide an exemplary standard of care for every patient, in every contingency.

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