Medically Complex Patient Care

Finding safe dental services for patients with special needs, compromising medical conditions and/or the elderly can be difficult. At Vitality Oral Health, we provide services for those with special requirements and/or complex medical histories. We create individual treatment regimens to ensure that dental procedures and recommendations don’t adversely affect a client’s medical conditions. We’re happy to help all patients achieve good oral and dental health.

What are complex medical histories?

A patient with a complex medical history may have cancer, cardiac concerns, organ failure, a compromised immune system, mental health issues, medication-related problems, developmental/cognitive conditions and/or social vulnerability. Complex patients sometimes have two or more chronic conditions, each of which may influence their dental care. Effective care hinges on understanding the patient’s medical condition. Medically complex clients often report difficulties finding dentists who are willing to treat them as they require a full history and an individualized care plan.

How do you accommodate medically complex patients?

Some medically complex patients require extra equipment, extra monitoring and extra care. To overcome these challenges, dentists require a more in-depth education in general medicine and routine continuing education courses. The dental clinic must be equipped to monitor the patient’s condition and address any emergencies that may occur. The dentist must acquire a summary of each patient’s illnesses and medications from his/her physician. The dentist updates the physician on the patient’s condition, medications prescribed, possibly painful and stressful procedures or blood pressure measurements taken during the visit to the dental office.

Some patients require extra equipment, extra monitoring and/or extra care. Vitality Oral Health offers dental care, in a private clinic setting, with the health, comfort and dignity of the patient as the prime concern. We do this with the help of a support team of registered hygienists, registered assistants, registered care aides and administrative support staff. We offer peace of mind, with the knowledge that what can be a difficult situation will be handled with care, kindness, and professionalism.

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