Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

At Vitality Oral health, we are willing and able to assist you with all your dental needs, including the treatment of gum disease.

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a chronic infection caused by bacteria that works its way beneath the gum line, creating inflammation of the gums and the bones that surround and support the teeth. Symptoms of the early stage of gum disease (gingivitis), are swollen and red gums that may bleed when brushing and flossing. Symptoms of more advanced gum disease, periodontitis, are gums that have pulled away from the bone, bone loss, persistent bad breath and loose teeth. Periodontitis is mostly seen in adults. Unfortunately, gum disease is often silent and can be present for many years without any significant symptoms, making regular visits to your dentist critical.

What Causes Gum Disease?

Bacteria are naturally present in your mouth. However, when bacteria stay on your teeth for an extended period of time they form a sticky film called plaque. If not removed, this coating eventually hardens to become tartar/calculus, contributing to gum disease. If tartar build-up extends below the gum line, it becomes harder to remove, making a visit to a dental health professional essential.

What is The Treatment for Gum Disease?

Gingivitis is treated with a professional dental cleaning to remove all traces of plaque and tartar. This is accomplished through a procedure known as scaling and root planing. Scaling removes tartar and bacteria from your teeth and beneath the gums. Root planing removes the products produced by inflammation and smooths the root surface,

Periodontitis is also treated with scaling and root planing but often requires other procedures as well.
Antibiotics: Topical antibiotics, in the form of mouth rinses and gels, may be used. Oral antibiotics are sometimes necessary to completely eliminate the infection.
Home tray delivery system: A customized tray is made using an impression of your teeth. The tray is filled with the medication given by your dentist, placed over the affected area and held in place for a specified period of time. This system is used when several rounds of medication are needed to control the condition.

Prevention of Gum Disease

Proper and consistent oral hygiene can prevent gum disease. This includes:

If you suffer from gum disease, Vitality Oral Health can help. We provide scaling and root planing to help prevent receding gums and other oral health issues. Visit us every six months to have your gums checked. If we discover gum disease, we’ll create a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Contact us today to make an appointment for a dental check-up.

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